Terms of Use

The Army History Directorate offers its website (dis.army.gr) for use under the following terms of use, which its visitors / users are invited to read and throughly consider and proceed with the visit / use of the said webpage, provided they fully agree with them. The visit and use of this webpage entails the absolute, explicit and unconditional acceptance of the said terms, whereas in case the visitor/ user does not agreewith the above terms,  he should not make use of the content of the webpage.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

Without prejudice to the exemptions specifically referred to herein (intellectual rights of third parties, partners and players), the entire content of the website, including, but not be limited to, texts, photograhs, images, signals, graphics and services provided (herein after referred to as "the content") constitutes intellectual property of the Army History Directorate and is governed by the national, European and international provisions on Intellectual Property. Consequently, the content may not become the subject in whole or in part of amendent, sale, copy, reproduction, re-publication or be communicated or upload or distributed in any way whatsover without the Army History Directorate's prior agreement in writing. With the exception of the case where one and only copy of the content is individually stored into a simple computer for personal and not public or commercial use, always on the condition that its origin is indicated and without violating the intellectual property rights in any way whatsover.

Information material - Limitation of Liability

The Army History Directorate makes its best endeavors, so that the information included in this webpage would de explicit, accurate, comlete, updated and available; however, in no case does it guarantee the correctness and the accuracy of details and information that the visitor / user uses on his/her own responsibility . The Army History Directorate bears no liability , direct or indirect (including negligence) with regard to any damage (incident and consequential) suffered by the user as a result of the use of the said webpage, as well as any legal claims (civil or penal).

Moreover, the Army History Directorate does its utmost to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of the webpage;  however, in no case does it guarantee the continuous, uninterrupted and fault-free operation of its servers, as well as the absense of "viruses" or their similar harmful elements and components, whether it is its own website or other sites via which their  content is accessible. The content of the webpage is provided "as it is" and "as available", without any explicit or implicit guarantee.

Visitors' / Users' Obligations - Liability

The compliance with the provisions of law on intellectual property is the responsibility of all visitors / users.

The visitor / user of dis.army.gr is obliged to abide by the provisions in force of the national, European and international law and the relevant legistation that governs telecommunications. Therefore, he/she should refrain from  any illegal and wrongful use of the content of the said webpage and he/she is exclusively responsible for any content that he/she uploads, publishes, sends, transfer or makes available through the services of the Directorate, which may not in any way check the entire content upload by its users on its internet services due to the volume content and therefore, the Directorate may not guarantee the accuracy, legitimacy or quality of the said content. The user explicitly acknowledges that the Army History Directorate alone is competent to accept or deny an uploading or publication or transfer or deletion of any content available through its webpage. In addition, the Army History Directorate is entitled to proceed with the deletion of any content that violates these terms of use herein.

Provided any damage is caused to the said webpage by the visitor / user as a result of improper or wrongful use of the relevant services or in violation of the relevant terms of use, he/she alone shall be responsible. In case of any action or claim, legal or administrative filed as a result of any violation on behalf of the visitor  /user against this website, the visitor / user assumes the obligation to intervene in the relevant legal or administrative proceedings, in order to declare that he/she assumes responsibility as per the foregoing, but also to proceed with the payment of the relevant compensation to yhe Army History Directorate, should the Directorate be obliged to pay such a compensation or any other cost to any third part.  

Although the content of the said webpage is not deemed improper or unlawful in any way whatsever, the aprticipation in it or its use by minor persons is presumed to take place with the consent of their parents or guardians, while as for incapacitated persons in whole or in part, it is presumed that they have received the consent of the persons appointed as their guardians.

In case the Army History Directorate becomes aware or notified in any way whatsoever that any content causes non-material or other damage to a third person, then it reserves the right to immediately delete the above content and at the same time, to terminate the operation of the account of the user, who has uploaded an immoral, offensive or unlawful content, fact that does not entail any liability whatsoever for the Army History Directorate.

Changing the terms of use - Notification of changes

These terms of use may be reviewed and updated at any time and without prior notice and therefore, all visitors / users should read them carefully before any use. In case any change to the terms of use is done, then a relevant notification shall be uploaded on the webpage.

No change to the terms of use shall be taken into consideration and shall constitute part of the agreement between the administrator and the user, unless made in writing and incorporated into it.

In case a user continues to use the webpage and its services even upon any changes thereto, this implies his/her unconditional acceptance of the amended terms of use.

Applicable law - Jurisdiction - Other terms

This user agreement is governed by the provisions of the Greek, Community and International Law and is being interpreted on the basis of the principles of good faith, honest practices and the social and the economic aim of the right.

Provided it is established that any provision of the above terms is contrary to the law and therefore, is invalid or subject to cancellation, it shall cease to apply and shall be removed from these terms, without affecting the validity and effect of the remaining terms of use.

It is explicity agreed that in case of any dispute in connection with the implementation of these terms and the use in general of the said website, it is the Courts of Athens that have jurisdiction.

Any visitor / use establishing any problem with the content of the webpage that concerns legal or immoral issues is kindly requested to notify the Army History Directorate accordingly, so that the latter would procced with its immediate rectification, if possible.