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Visitors / Users agree on providing the Army History Directorate with true, accurate and valid information. Such particulars include the full name and the e-mail.

Personal data is being collected by the webpage exclusively for the purpose for which it has been  requested and ti does not under any circumstances constitute the object of sale, lease or transfer in any way whatsoever to third parties. The only exception is the case where the notification of information is imposed by a provision of law and is exclusively addressed to the competent authorities.

In particular, the information provided by users / members is being used for the update of the Directorate's records and in order to facilitate the communication with members for their information on any issue related to the Army History Directorate.

The webpage administrator and the Directorate in general shall be able to process in whole or in part the particulars provided by users / members for statistical purposes, as well as for the improvement of the services and information provided by the Directorate. Furthermore, it lays down the terms for the participation in several polls conducted via the webpage, whereas any answers and opinions provided by the users / members shall be recorded, analyzed and commented, so that useful conclusions would be drawn for the needs of the members and the smooth and orderly functioning of the Directorare. The above conclusions constitute an intellectual property of the Army History Directorate.

The visitor / user has the right to communicate with the webpage administrator, so that he/she would cross-check the existence of a record including his/her information and request for its amendment, correction or deletion, whereas he / she is entitled to  update and have access to his/her above information and to proceed with any objections in writing with regard to the use of the said information in accordance with the legislation in force.

This webpage is not liable for any cases of collection of personal data by any related website. The privacy statement only applies to personal data collected, processed and managed by this webpage. Moreover, no liability shall incur for the webpage or the Directorate in general in the event of any illegitimate intervention in the webpage by any third party, in violation of the webpage's protection and security.


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