The Politico-Military Relationship Between Greece And France (19th – 20th Century)

2015, November 26 - 10:11am

(edited by Lt Col (Arm) Vasileios Anastasopoulos)

The Civil-Military Relationship Between Greece And France (19th – 20th Century)

Athens, 2011

The present volume is the profit of the bilateral cooperation between the Army Historical Services of Greece and France who got the project under way in 2003. In this context both Services were on visiting terms at each other offices and they worked out common interest topics. Though the initial agreement provided for a common edition, the two services came to terms with two separate editions dealing with the main aspects of the Greek-French relationship from 1827 onwards.

The articles included in this volume have been prepared by the scientific team of the Greek Army History Directorate (AHD) and give detailed accounts of the turning points and events which were instrumental in the political, economical and cultural affiliations between Greece and France. This first historical edition does not exhaust all the subjects of the Greek-French relations, it is thought of, however, as the threshold of a new cooperation as it opens up new prospects in the field of military history between both countries.

Besides, the fact that Greek and French peoples are alarmed at the international developments and share the same Mediterranean and European visions give a new dimension to the traditional bonds between them and lay on the carpet for the creative continuation of cooperation between our two historical services. Moreover, the modern French author and traveler Jack Lacarier set out the view that both our countries are complementary to one another as Greece is “the hyperbole of measure” and France is “the moderation of hyperbole”.