Military Organization and War Art of the Byzantine Empire (324-1453)

2015, December 4 - 11:09am

†Dr Nikolaos Sol. Depastas

(edited by Dr Pigi Kalogerakou)

Military Organization and War Art of the Byzantine Empire (324-1453)

Athens, 2012

The present volume is the sequel of the AHD edition entitled “The Military Organization and War Art of the ancient Greeks (1600-146 b.C.) published in 1999. The specific volume familiarizes the reader with the organization, composition and activities of the Byzantine Army from the 4th up to the 5th century, the evolution of the strategic and war tactics developed by the Empire, the organization and activities of the War Navy, who was instrumental in the defensive missions of the Byzantine forces, as well as the theory and practice of the wild fire.
Furthermore, this second volume contributes substantially to the modern Greek bibliography dealing with the fortification and armament of the byzantine era. The detailed description of the fortifications network within the boundaries of the Empire provides valuable scientific documentation to the researchers of the specific period, as dear departed author Dr Nicolas Depastas brought together considerable and interspersed material included in various modern relevant publications and references on texts written by Byzantine authors. More specifically, the information given about the defensive and offensive weapons of the Byzantine soldiers is inestimable, as the basic bibliography in this field is to be found only in foreign language and accessible only within experts reach.