The Major Battles of the Greek Army (1897-1955)

2015, December 4 - 9:21am

Lt Col (Art) Ioannis Gemenetzis

(edited by Lt. Col (Arm) Vasileios Anastasopoulos)

The Major Battles of the Greek Army (1897-1955)

Athens, 2012

The present volume gives a brief, accurate and objective account of the major battles of the Greek Army in chronological order based on the Army History Directorate archives and military publications.
The most significant modern war operations carried out by Greek troops are listed in 12 chapters for each corresponding war period starting from the Greek-Turkish War (1897) till the Korean War (1953-1955). At the beginning of each chapter there is a general picture of the politico-military situation describing the life as it was during the war events.
Each chapter contains also casualty lists, sketch-maps and photos for each one of the battles and lot of references to the AHD original archives.
A combination of parameters was taken into consideration for the selection of the battles and it was a tough job as each battle has its own singularity and significance.
The description of the battles is given in a condensed form without using military terms as the book is intended for the reading public.