Army History Directorate (AHD):

  • Is responsible for the writing and publication of the history of all war periods and the modern history of the Hellenic Army.
  • It collects and keeps records such as books, war diaries and reports, photographic material and other historical material depicting and documenting the history of the Hellenic Army.
  • It cooperates with associated services acting under the supervision of the Ministry of Defense and the three General Staffs of the Armed Forces, such as the Hellenic Commission of Military History (HCMH), the Air Force History Museum, the Naval Historical Service, the War Museum, the Military Archives Service etc., for the exchange of historical material.
  • It keeps contact with national and private archive organizations, Institutions of Higher Education as well as with members of greek and foreign academies in an effort to excite their interest in military history matters and ensure the historical truth of its publications.
  • AHD is the official advisory Directorate of HAGS for all matters related to the modern military history. It also plays an active role in scientific events organized by HAGS.
  • It is responsible for the publicity of military history of the Hellenic Army in collaboration with associated authorities of HAGS, War Museum, National and Private Institutions and Organizations etc.
  • It is also authorized to keep national and private authorities -and/ or civilians- informed of all matters related to military history.