AHD staff consists of military and civilian personnel appointed to the Ministry of National Defense. High-Ranking Officers take the offices of Director and Deputy Director respectively. AHD subordinate staff is composed of scientific and administrative personnel.

The Scientific Personnel is responsible for the collection, classification, and keeping of the historical archives. Its main task is to elaborate and carry out research into the archive material for the purpose of writing and drafting of books and articles dealing with the war history of the Hellenic Army from 1897 onwards. It is also authorized to keep national and private authorities – and/or civilians – informed of all matters related to military history.

AHD Scientific Personnel consists of:

  • Regular Officers, graduated in History and Archaeology from School of Philosophy of Athens University.
  • Permanent civilian personnel graduated in History, Philosophy and Sociology from Schools of Social Sciences of various Universities.

Quite a few scientific personnel are post-graduates or awarded a Ph.D. in history.

AHD Administrative Personnel is entrusted with organization and administration matters. It consists of senior and junior officers, non-Commissioned officers and civilian personnel, most of them specialized in administrative and secretarial duties. Privates doing their military service at AHD, graduates from Philosophy Schools of Universities, postgraduates or awarded Ph.D., fluent in foreign languages and computer experts, take an active part in administrative and other special assignments in the field of military history.