Historical Editions (in English)

Sum.TitleVolumesHistorical PeriodEdition YearPrice (€)*
An Abridged History of the Greek–Italian and Greek–German War 1940–194111939–May 194119972.93
A Concise History of the Balkan Wars 1912–191311912–191319982.93
An Index of Events in the Military History of the Greek Nation1490B.C.–197419982.93
A History of the Hellenic Army, 1821–199711821–199719994.25
A Concise History of the Participation of the Hellenic Army in the First World War, 1914–191811914–191819993.37
The Battle of Crete, May 19411May 1941200010.1
The Struggle for Northern Epirus1191420006.79
The Struggle for Macedonia and the Events in Thrace 1904–190811904–190820036.40
A Concise History of the Campaign in Asia Minor 1919–192211919–1922200316.20
A Concise History of the Hellenic Army General Staff11901-200120084.35