Digitized Archive

The AHD is in possession of a significant archive material which covers all war periods of the Hellenic state from 1897 onwards. More specifically, it contains archives for the Hellenic-Turkish War of 1897, the Macedonian Struggle (1904–1908), the World War I (1914–1918), the Balkan Wars (1912–1913), the Northern Epirus Struggle (1914), the Campaign in Meridional Russia (1919), the Asia Minor Campaign (1919–1922), the World War II (1939–1945), the National Resistance (1941–1944), the Middle East (1941–1944), the Civil War (1945–1949), and the Greek Expeditionary Corps in Korea (1950–1955).

The AHD collects and keeps also records for the participation of the Hellenic Army in Peacekeeping Missions of the United Nations (Somalia, Bosnia, Kossovo, Albania, Skopje, Afghanistan, etc), the organization and modern history of the Hellenic Army after 1950, as well as more than 40 personal files of politicians and military personalities.

AHD archives include about 2,5 million documents, maps, diagrams and photos which are becoming richer from year to year. The major part of the archive material (1,5 million documents) has already been digitized and entered in a data basis accessible to the local AHD network. Moreover, in the context of the "Information Society Operational Program". Invitation 65, step 1.3 of the Ministry of Finance "For the documentation, development and furtherance of the Greek Civilization", AHD has completed documentation and digitization of 670.000 supplementary pages of archive material already disposable to the internet information point (portal) for common use. The disposition of digitized archive material as a whole through the internet and the enrichment of the electronic data base with new material are matters of primary importance to AHD.

The documentation was made in conformity to the International Model for Archives Description adapted to the needs of the specific historical archive material.

Access to the digitized historical archives (available only in Greek)